Friday, February 8, 2013

Frosted Glass Tutorial!

 This was probably the easiest craft I've done yet, and verrrry cheap :D

Here's what you need:

All you need is a glass vase/fixture, frosted spray paint (AC Moore/Michaels), and a bunch of rubber bands.  Simple enough right?

Place the rubber bands onto your vase, making sure they are flat all around.  Arrange them however and how much you desire!

Flip your fixture over and get ready for some frost.  Make sure it's completely covered!  For mine, I gave it another coat a couple minutes later just to be sure. (You can see some drip-age on the left, may have done a little too much but oh well).  Let it dry for a couple hours.

Then BAM! You can put whatever you want in it, I think a candle looks pretty.

Even Misty approves!

There you have it. Happy frosting! :)

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